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You have a great idea! A very innovative one! A very innovative technological one. Maybe you have already more. A Prototype? A Patent? Or you are just preparing the application for it? Simply trying the potential. Trying to create Intellectual Property. On a scale from one to ten. Ten is really a huge innovation. Would you consider yours to be a 10?
If so... You should contact us, because we can help you to turn your dream into a reality.

We should talk together...
...and maybe...
... we will become one team.

Your Innovation...
... and Our Investment capabilities.

We will become successful Innovestors.

About / Who

Hans Derksen is an investor and business developer, who has been successfully involved in global technology innovation and development for over 40 years.
He has held several senior international management positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, Intel, Convex and HP. He also held a senior vice president position at Philips in Amsterdam, being responsible for technology development.

At Rabobank, one of the largest Dutch banks, he was engaged in large scale technical innovation and development. He was also responsible for innovation investments. For both activities, he was reporting directly to the CEO and the board of the bank.

For the last 15 years Mr. Derksen has been mainly focusing on technology investments and the development of innovative university and corporate spin-offs. To facilitate these activities, Mr. Derksen has created the Swiss Innovestors Group, which is solely focused on the discovery of world class technological innovations and the funding and development of them. To address these opportunities, the new group has established a large network of universities and scientists.

The Swiss Innovestors Group is also part of a very large global network of major technology investors. All members of the group have a long experience and a tradition of success, in their respective relevant fields of operations.

Mr. Derksen, who has been successful over the years in developing innovation start-ups in the USA and Europe, has recently expanding his activities into the former East European countries, like the Czech Republic, where he has developed close relationships with premiere, first tier, academia and corporate management.

The Swiss Innovestors Group, which is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, has also established a local team in Prague.

Mr. Derksen is also an active member of the ICES Foundation in Geneva. This foundation is involved in global climate modelling and addressing strategic global sustainability issues. For more than 20 years, he has also been involved in social and economic development in Africa, through his private Murielle Foundation.

Mr. Derksen, has a degree in Chemical engineering (Twente, NL). He is an alumni of IMD Lausanne.
He lives near Geneva.

Contact / Where

Hans Derksen
Hans Derksen
(+41) 792 859 643
Prague Representative:
Juraj Kizák
Juraj Kizák
(+420) 722 828 293